Illustration/Graphic Design/Web Design


Ryan is a graphic artist born and raised in the small town of Altona, Manitoba. He earned a BFA from the University of Manitoba where he studied painting and drawing. Later he learned Graphic Design from the Red River College in Winnipeg. He currently lives and works in the city of Montréal.

Ryan is available for freelance and contract work upon request. He provides a wide range of creative services. From research and ideation, all the way through to prototyping, layout, printing and fully realized implementation. He also does artistic commisions in both digital and traditional mediums. If you are interested in any of these services, he would love to hear from you.


Illustrated Event Posters

Traditional and Digital

Ryan Ginter is proficient in both traditional and digital illustration. His skillset includes the Adobe suite, pencils and inks, watercolor and oil paints, as well as printmaking techniques.

Here are a few event posters he has made in a variety of media.

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Bison Transport, Charity BBQ
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Jack Semple at the WECC
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Vampires CD Release
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Tangerine Dream