I am Ryan Ginter
a Designer and Illustrator
from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I enjoy starry nights, glowing lights,
chai tea and philosophy.

Do you have a vision?
I can bring it to fruition.

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Of Passions and Paints

Novel Illustrations

In 2014, June Flanders, published her first edition of her flagship novel, a historical fiction entitled "Of Passions and Paints". Ryan Ginter was in charge of editing and illustrations. They worked together for a year before the book was published at McNalley Robinsons in Winnipeg.

The work included 8 full page traditional illustrations and one scenic spread, 11 chapter illuminations in a medieval style, a cover design based on the work of Hieronomys Bosch, as well as text styles and layouts.

As a designer and artist, Ryan worked with the author June Flanders to interprete her vision through her writing and many small changes to each drawing. A limited edition run of 60 copies were published and sold that year.

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Of Passions and Paints Cover
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Chapter Illumination
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Scenic Illustrations
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Chapter Illuminations
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Den Bosch Spread